Laser Engraving

Wood Laserable Plastic Glass / Acrylic Cardboard Metal Leather Textiles


Wood looks great when engraved. Engraving simply removes the top surface of the wood when an image or design is placed on it, just the way you’d print on photo paper; in this case no chemicals are involved. Results will vary with the type of wood. Our engraving equipment can also cut up to six inches deep. If you have a design ready we can transfer it to wood of your choice. We also have an in-house designer if you would prefer that your designs are done professionally.

Some of the samples here will give you some ideas of what we can do for you. We can customize anything with wood – wooden gift items could include napkin holders and wooden portraits that last forever. We will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

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NapkinHolder 940by400.


Momstella sq   lovelondon2 sq

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Laserable Plastic

These items come in different forms, sizes and colours. Most are ply materials with two or more layers, usually of different colours. The layer beneath becomes exposed when the top layer is engraved. These can be used for signs, tags and for other creative purposes.




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Glass/ Acrylic

Engraving on glass and acrylic is fun. It can be done on flat surfaces of the glass and if desired the same could be achieved using a rotary device for glass cups and wine bottles. For instance, we can engrave words or even portraits on champagne glasses that are used to toast at special events and can be kept as a memorabilia after your event.

Congratulatory messages also look great on glass for awards, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.


TGwinecup sq   Glass

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Mimibox300by300    doubleE sq

CuttySark Cardboard sq

There is a special uniqueness that comes with customized engraved cards. Various cards including mount boards with contrasting core colours give varying results. Top layer of the card is removed by the engraving, revealing the colour beneath.

The quality of your business card could sometimes determine where it would end; it could also be used to measure your business.

Artworks or images can be engraved  on boards then mounted or framed – The only limitation is your creativity.

The eco-friendly process involves no ink or other chemicals

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We can mark some metals, especially anodized aluminium, but we do not cut the metal. When art work, images or text are engraved on this material the end result is always beautiful.

Some gift items that we have engraved on metal include key rings, torch lights, camping water bottles and portraits.

We are willing to test your materials to see if they can be engraved on.

Water Bottle

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We can engrave on leather of various types; the results would vary based on the type of leather and the colours used.

Engraved DiaryThis can include cutting or engraving your designs or logo on leather folders or apparel. Some synthetic leather materials will produce equally good results. Check out works that we have done on leather.

Why not engrave your personal or corporate logo on your leather jacket or trousers?


Tightly knitted/woven fabrics are easily engraved without compromising the integrity of the fabric. Denims are generally great to engrave. That means you can customize or brand yours. Results are better when the fabric has a contrasting underlying colour which is revealed when a thin top layer is removed.Denimsq300

We can engrave your logo on denim material such as jean trousers or canvas shoes. Some of that material can easily be sewn on generic materials either as a pocket or shape and that then becomes unique. We can also collaborate with creative and fashion designers on projects that our engraver can accommodate.

Laser cutting would give fabrics a clean cut making your work easier. Create something different today.

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