Crafts Training

We share knowledge with the aim of taking the stress out of getting an understanding of how these craft businesses run for lovers of craft or potential small businesses. We organise from time to time one to one or group training in the areas below. These hands-on sessions afford you an opportunity to see a practical demonstration with an ongoing project with flexible schedules that align with your work. Apart from knowledge transfer, potential business owners have facts and experience that make decision making easier.

Laser Crafts

The laser machine has become a useful tool that helps to output creative work these days. Whether you simply love laser crafts or need an understanding before you make that major investment in buying one, we can provide you a hands on training on the use of a laser cutter.

On completion participants would know the workings of an engraver,would have had an induction  and understand how this tool can enhance, assist or magnify  creativity. A laser cutter with  a 18 by 24 inch laser cutter will be used for this training.

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Foil Printing

You can learn the secrets of the ancient craft of foil printing in our studio. You only need to look around to see how foiling is used in customizing items so you’d always be in business.

Materials will be well covered as well as sources. You will physically handle, make products with a manual foil printer and understand the important concepts to get you started.

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T-Shirt Customization

Vinyl Cutting and Heat Pressing

Ever wondered how personalized t shirts are made? We’d provide you a training in an active studio environment taking you from vinyl cutting to understanding garment types,flock and where to get the materials to jump-start your own business. You will use a vinyl cutter and heat press designs unto tee shirts as well as go home with a  t shirt you have made for yourself. We can arrange this on an affordable one to one basis or as a group with flexibility to suit your schedules.

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Direct To Garment Printing

While some like screen printing or vinyl, others prefer printing directly onto the garment and this is what you’d learn.  An Anajet Printer is available for this. Perhaps you want to venture into this and you find choice of equipment challenging while sales reps are keen on making you commit to their company’s product.anajet FP125

A session with us will give you the confidence you need and you’d soon be churning out customized t shirts. Other products that your equipment can make will also be discussed. Its also a less talk and more hands-on session with flexibility. One on one  as well as group sessions are available.

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